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The future of health

Forces of Change

SanoPass is the digital portal for healthcare and wellness services, aiming to empower the health of individuals and communities through emerging technologies. Through a strong partnership with Itheum you will be able to Own and Trade your Medical Data in the Metaverse

Public sale from: 01 Apr 22


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How does it work


SanoCubs NFTs

Enhanced Security Configuration. Use Maiar App or Elrond Web Wallet to connect your wallet to to be able to mint SanoCubs, your personal health avatar and the first healthcare and wellness utility NFT.


Web3 Data Trade

Through a partnership with Itheum - the world's 1st decentralized cross-chain data brokerage platform - you will be able to truly own and trade your medical data



Participate in as many Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to sell your data in bulk alongside other SanoCubs owners. You have full control on your data.



Use and hold your NFT to agregate data. The healthier is your lifestyle (regular check-ups atthe doctor and frequent visits to the gym) the more your data will be worth.

NFTs SanoCubs

Enable a full SanoPass membership for 12 Months: 100 fitness sessions in any of the 150 affiliated gyms, 10 medical services in any of the 1000 clinics (get details of the network on, unlimited Medical Triage through AI (RO/ EN) and unlimited Access to Telemedicine (RO/ EN). The implementation of such technology based on NFT will help introduce the smart contracting concept in a conservative market, offer a real use of cryptocurrencies and create a community interested in wellbeing and eligible to receive rewards for good preventive routines. Through the partnership with Itheum you will be able to Own and Trade your Medical Data in the Metaverse.


Why sanopass metaverse

The Function Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain concepts that can transform healthcare & wellness: decentralisation, smart contracting, data security and privacy, community ownership, neutrality and token incentives.

As the leading healthcare and wellness platform, we have started a series of discussions with Elrond Development Team in order to launch products using their blockchain technology.


Web3.0, Wellbeing and Medical Data Trade Platform

First Wellbeing Utility NFT Project


Unlimited Medical Triage through AI (RO/ EN)


10 Primary Care Consultations

100 fitness services and unlimited online trainings


Unlimited Access to Telemedicine (RO/ EN)


Receive crypto rewards for you medical and fitness data through Itheum partneship


CSR – Romanian Red Cross (5% donation)



Launch 10K
utility NFTs

Q1, 2022

Make your first step into the new wellbeing world! Buy a cub and join into a community built on technology, structured on wellbeing.


Every NFT will unlock a full health subscription available for 1 year

Q2, 2022

Launch dedicate healtcare and wellness content platform for NFT holders (RO/ EN).


Connect your NFT to Itheum Ecosyste

Q3, 2022

Use your NFT to collect your medical & fitness data and get cryptocurency rewards for sharing them.


Launch of Wellbeing Token on Elrond Network

Q2, 2023

Enable Token payment in SanoPass network for online & offline services. Rewards and staking posibility for NFTs holders.


Who we are

Our team

The SanoPass Team consists of 25 people covering all areas: development, product, legal, compliance, marketing, customer care, affiliation, medical experts and advisors.

member photo

Radu Ziemba

Gamification & Design Advisor

member photo

Andrei Vasile

Managing Partner SanoPass

member photo

Delia Iliasa

Managing Partner SanoPass

member photo

Felix Crisan

Head of Research Elrond - Advisor

member photo

Razvan Ziemba

Business Advisor

member photo

Ovidiu Tanase

Marketing SanoPass

member photo

Mark Paul

Itheum Associated Partner

member photo

Praveen Paul

Itheum Associated Partner

Asked Questions

SanoCubs is the first major Healthcare Utility NFT collection in the world. We aim to be pioneers by combining the traditional healthcare with blockchain technology, while also having modern artwork and utility.

Every SanoCub NFTs enables a full SanoPass membership for 12 Months. Every membership includes: Unlimited Medical Triage through AI (RO/ EN), 10 Primary Care Consultations, 100 fitness services, acces to an exclusive Wellness Content Platform, Unlimited Access to Telemedicine (RO/ EN) + CSR – Romanian Red Cross (5% donation)

There will be 10.000 SanoCubs utility NFTs: 9909 SanoCubs utility NFTs will be available for mint. 91 SCs will go towards Promotions (60) and Team (31).

The minting will start on 31 March for our whitelisted people while General Sale starts on 1st of April (not a joke).

The price of one SanoCub utility NFT is 2EGLD. The price is directly correlated with the full 1 year Medical Subcription Plus Gym Membership.

You can now acquire SanoCubs NFTs via OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Maiar and Elrond Web Wallet.

No. Once we mint the 10.000 SCs, no more can ever be minted.

Telemedicine and Medical Triage through AI are available worldwide both in English and Romanian.

The distribution is random and the collection has various rarity traits with the Golden ones being the rarest

5% – CSR

20% – Team

75% – Subscription Coverage Cost & Development of the Roadmap

We are eager to share more with you, let’s meet on Discord or Telegram.


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